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Catch the Drop Campaign

Hey everyone 🙂 As you already know, this week we are focusing on a very important resource to us all – WATER 🙂 Water is very important.  In fact, without water, we cannot live.  As we have discussed in class when I showed you a power-point and when we talked about the water slogans, we have to make sure that we save water for ourselves and for the future generations.

The Catch the Drop Campaign was launched on the 25th February 2011 by the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs in order to raise awareness on water conservation.

Part of your work today is to design a poster on the A4 paper given.  In order to help you more, I have given you a slogan so that you use it and follow it as a guide.  As promised, you can find some links which can help you get more ideas  when you’re designing your poster.  


Click on each picture to get more ideas:


This is a game which can teach you more about water whilst having fun 🙂

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