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NSTF Science Art Competition

Our class will take part in a competition where Art and Science are linked together.

The topics of this competition are:

The Scientist, The Universe and Pollution.


Here, you will find some help.  Use the slogan written near your name and draw it in a creative way on the A3 paper given to you at school.  Click on the link of the picture to get an idea of what you should draw.  The drawings need not to be like the ones shown.  These are just an idea.  Be creative as much as you can.  During your mid-term holidays, just draw a sketch (in pencil only) and get it to school so that I would help you better.  Then we will paint them in the Art Room.

The Scientist

  1.  Kyra:  Science can save lives!

  1. Francesca:  I can be a scientist!

  1. Nicole:  A scientist asks the right questions.

  1. Abigail:  Discovering Science

  1. Juliet:  Mad about Science!

  1. Martina:  Science is fun!

The Universe

  1. Jake:  A blue planet full of life

  1. Yousra:  Our magnificent solar system×1200.jpg

  1. Sven: Travelling in the Universe

  1.  Kyle:  Plenty of Space be discovered

  1. Naomi:  A vast universe

  1. Sheldon:  In life you have to keep pushing yourself UP!


  1. Darian:  Cars are making us sick!

  1. Shanise:  We used to love music – back when we had healthy ears.

  1. Shylon:  We create energy and reduce oxygen!

  1. Yasmine:  We are slowly killing our primary source of food.

  1. Zane:  Why are humans always fighting each other?

  1. Lee:  You are what you drink!

A good website for more information about Pollution:



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