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A Visit to the Book Fair at the MCC

Last Thursday, we headed off to the book fair at the MCC.  There we saw a lot of stands showing different kinds of books suitable for everyone, from children to adults.  There were lots of colourful books full of all kinds of information.  I encourage you to pay a visit again with your parents this weekend.  Apart from that, we had lots of fun watching a production called “Paddy Boon” organised by a group of Drama teachers.  Thanks to this production, we managed to compare the use of books and that of tablets.  

Then, we divided ourselves into two groups.  Half of us took part in the workshop “A book of my own” and others took part in the workshop “Making literacy come alive”.  We also watched two productions organised by school children called “The magic finger” and “L-istorja tal-qtates”.  We were lucky to be part of a production where a story written by Trevor Zahra, “Il-ġgant u l-iskarpan” was brought to life by group of drama teachers.  What a fun-filled day 🙂

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