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18th November, 2015

1.  Maths – Textbook 2 p. 55, 56
2.  Malti – Klikk p. 77 (all)
3.  Eng – Booklet p. 13, 14
4.  Tomorrow swimming – get your swimming bag as usual.
5.  Times Tables Test – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10.

2 thoughts on “18th November, 2015

  1. I would like to speak to you about the swimming of tomorrow. After what happened last week, I would like to know whether there will be an improvement to supervision during the time that the children are in the changing room. Thanks Sarah

    1. I will be outside the dressing room door, as I do after every lesson, because for obvious reasons, I cannot go inside to supervise them. Please make sure that every thing is labelled. Last week, I noticed that there were around 6 children who had the same pair of slippers and none of them was labelled. There wasn’t even the shoe size written to match at least those. Labelling everything would make things easier as well as reminding children to place everything in their bags when getting undressed. Thanks.

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