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18th May, 2016

1.  Maths – Booklet p. 121, 122
2.  Eng – ho (on cb – back to back)
3.  Eng – Booklet p. 61, 62
4.  Study Day 3
5. PSCD – Get 2 small photos in an envelope (1: baby/toddler;  2: recent)
6.  S. Studies – Booklet p. 95 (For Monday)



2 thoughts on “18th May, 2016

  1. Thank you very much for the silk worms. Daniel will be taking good care of them. Very interesting pets. His only problem is from where are we going to get mulberry leaves so that they can continue feeding?

    1. Ms Carmen will be giving him leaves till they all become cocoons. After that, they won’t need leaves any longer. She gets the leaves from her family’s field. I will ask her to give you more details. Please remind Daniel to remind me. Thanks.

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