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23rd March, 2017

1. Maths – Purple TB p. 34 (top), p. 35 (top), p. 36 (1-5)
2.  Project book – Ikkopja r-rapport u pingi/wahhal stampi.
HW on tablet:
1. Read powerpoint Superlattiv Assolut.
2.  Copy pictures from folder named handouts to superlattiv assolut folder. 

To do this follow these steps: 
1. Open Toolbox 
2. Go to Handouts folder 
3. Press and hold image 
4. Choose copy from top 
5. Go back to the toolbox 
6. Open documents 
7. Open Superlattiv Assolut folder 
8. Click paste (which is next to the “Plus” sign)

Repeat these steps for the other pictures.


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