About this blog


This is the blog of our classroom.  Here, you can view what is happening in our classroom and learn more about different school news and activities.  You can also learn more about the things we’ve done at school by visiting any websites and games that I upload here for you.  Having a classroom blog is surely a positive and fruitful experience for the children since there are a lot of benefits involved.  This blog is also a helpful tool for the parents as they get to know what is taking place in class and so they can help their children better. 

This video may give you more of an insight into what are the benefits of blogging in classroom, and what one could get out of it with the students.

Closely linked to this blog is our virtual room on iLearn.  You can visit our room by clicking on the link at the side of this blog and entering your iLearn email address and password.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help.




21 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. thank you very much from my husband for your gift very original.and you are a good dancer.i saw you yesterday .have a nice weekend bye.

  2. Hello ms sultana,

    Jiena iz-Zija Ta Alex Camilleri, prosit tal update il-hin kollu fuq il-blog!! Taghmlek veru teacher interactive mal hajja moderna u nahseb iktar efficiently ghal kulhadd!!! Keep up the good work hi u grazzi.


    1. First you have to finish off your classwork (the 2 exercises in the boxes on top of the handout) and then you have to work out the 3 exercises given for hw on the other handout (as explained in class).

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