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Nota importanti

Nhar it-Tlieta gibu magħkom ktieb li qrajtu diga u li għogobkom.  Grazzi.  Tinsewx !! 

Posted in Creative Writings/Kitbiet Kreattivi, Homework


I encourage you to type and send me your stories “I am a star”.  My email address is  I will then upload them onto the page on this blog dedicated for your work. You can also print it out so that we hang it in the classroom.

Also you can send me any pictures or writings of something original and unusual that you have done, a special writing, a recipe or a picture of something that you have cooked, a picture of yourself during a vacation, etc.  Just something that you want to share with your classmates so that we get to know each other better 🙂

Also, I will be choosing someone each week to type his/her story, find or draw a picture and sign it.  This week  I would like Liam  to print his story “I am a star”.  By the end of the year, we will bind all the stories and make our own Year 4.2 Robins Book 🙂