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Easter Crafts

You will need the following things.  Try to get recycled materials where possible.  Start preparing them and put them in a paper bag under your desk.

1.  A4 cardboard (bright yellow or light blue – celesti)

2.  a piece of green ribbon (21cm long)

3.  5 brightly coloured buttons – any size, but make sure that one side is flat

4.  glue stick and colours (as usual)

5.  1 toilet paper roll



Ms. Sephorah

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Art Exhibition

Our Art teacher has encouraged you to do some research on the topic “Water” .  This will help you to prepare yourself in order to take part in an exhibition which will take place at the President’s Palace.

Find out more about:

  • water design

  • reflections

  • movement

  • using water, such as to clean things, wash ourselves, etc.